• Richard Ormiston-Rees

Client takes on 8 week Muay Thai traineeship with Total PT Oxfordshire

Josef Mueller from Germany contacted me to train intensively for 8 weeks to expand his knowledge of Muay Thai and multidisciplinary training aspects associated with the sport. He made great progress over the time he trained in August-October and we trained in some advanced techniques which included advanced striking, clinch and sparring. Check out the videos below.

In the above video I am working with Josef on the belly pad and teaching him how to throw the round knee to the body. Clinch is a big part of Muay Thai and an area which I particularly like.

In the next video Josef has a go at holding the Thai pads for me and does a great job in improving his technique. He also teaches some small classes in Germany.

In this video we are working some fast focus pads with some leg techniques and clinch on the belly pad.

In the last video Josef is working the Thai pads.

A great student and a pleasure to train! Please check out my other client videos and contact me to find out more about Muay Thai or Personal Training.

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