Marina Novelli, 25


"5 months ago I started training with Richard because I wanted to be fit. Also because I work for many hours in front of a computer, so I often have back pain.When I met Richard and he was very thoughtful from the beginning. He build up for me a routine with variables and quite very fun to do. In the same day, he handed my some articles on the topics we'd talked about (burning body fat, metabolism, etc). That was something that made me realize how serious he was about his job. After 5 months I lost 6 kg and my body fat dropped from 27% to 14.5%. My back is stronger then ever, I can work with much more comfort now. 

I would say that it would not be possible without his help!"


Jonny Hulme, 32

"I used to do Thai Boxing when I was a kid and wanted to pick the sport back up again as I had never been as fit when training in the sport so decided to take some one on one coaching sessions with Richard. Within 2 months of training I had dropped 6% body fat and never felt fitter or stronger. After 8 months of training I felt so confident that I decided to go to Thailand and train for 6 months. Richard has the knowledge and expertise and he is an exceptional personal trainer. Check out my progress for yourself by clicking on the video!"
Brian Flanagan, 45
"I have been training with Richard for almost two years after taking up some sessions with him at David Lloyd, Oxford. 
I would say that his expertise within the fitness industry is second to none and without his help I would have most
certainly been unable to achieve my goals and change my diet and exercise habits.
His enthusiasm during our sessions is very motivating and he always sets me challenging but achievable targets and
I have never felt stronger or fitter. Richard’s ability to adapt and work with me in improving my strength
and muscle mass through different strength and conditioning programmes is the reason I have trained with him for so long".
Roger Dalrymple, 44

"I have been lucky enough to train with Richard for almost a year now and it has been an inspiring and energising experience, bringing health and fitness gains well beyond my expectations.

Richard is a first class trainer – and indeed teacher, forging those crucial connections between diet, physiology and fitness that make for a sustainable (and realistic) training regime. 

He has many qualities I could point to as signs of his excellence – his knowledge of nutrition and physiology; his attention to detail in training technique; his personalisation of learning and use of different motivational techniques; his patience; insight; and his sense of humour.

But probably the best testimonial I can offer is this: a year ago I’d have blanched at the thought of attempting a single pull-up; training this morning with Richard, I performed five in a row".


Lillian Zhang, 23
Thank you so much for all the training that built up my body, improved my stamina and gave me more confidence. Getting much stronger is one of my biggest achievements in Oxford this year. You are a fantastic trainer and I can never achieve current results without you. It is a pleasure to meet you and train with you. 
Josefin Betsholtz, 27

"I started training Thai boxing with Richard once a week around 9 months ago and I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have made during my time in Oxford. Not only has my fitness level improved significantly, but I have also discovered a passion for Thai boxing. Richard’s sessions are both fun and instructive, and I always feel like I have learnt a lot while having got a great workout. 


Apart from being a really good instructor, one of the best things about Richard is that he is both a Muay Thai pad specialist as well as a regular personal trainer. This has meant that, while we usually train Thai boxing, some sessions have been held in a normal gym, and he has given me an exercise routine that is specifically made to improve my Thai boxing skills. The effects of this routine were noticeable very quickly.


After training with Richard for only a few months, I have now gained the confidence to go to Thailand between terms to train Muay Thai outside Phuket! I am beyond excited for this trip, and it would not have been possible without our sessions. 


It has been really great working with Richard and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fit and/or learn Muay Thai!"