• Richard Ormiston-Rees

Client pad work and Muay Thai striking

Athenais, 18, has been training with me since around September 2015, after training in Abu Dhabi at a mixed martial arts gym for around 2 years prior to coming to study in the UK. Our sessions normally incorporate a combination of mobility/stretching, some specific conditioning and technical/fitness based pad work drills. Since working with me on a 121 basis for fitness and wellbeing she has really improved her striking ability, balance, clinching and technical power. Her knees are very strong and she has a sharp right kick as you can see from the videos below.

One big advantage of having 121 sessions is the amount of attention to detail you receive which allows you to progress much quicker. Having an experienced person to hold pads for you isn't always something you can get from a mixed ability class so even 2-3 sessions can set you on your way if you need that confidence boost to start Muay Thai.

Drop me an email for more information about Muay Thai and personal training via the contact form or visit the 'Services' section of the website.

Happy training.


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