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New client videos with Thai roundhouse demonstration

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Eddie, 22 is my longest serving Muay Thai client and has been training with me 1 x a week since he was just 17 years old, almost 5 years and has shown great progression in Muay Thai ability. In the videos below we worked on some focus pads to warm up and kicks on the belly pad with some clinch knees. You can see from the first video how is arm drops back when he throws the kick.

I like to try and teach people to kick by keeping the weight forward and rotating the arm and shoulder whilst spinning on the supporting toes almost as if you're poking your arm out. In my opinion this is a better kick. You can see a picture of my kick below. However I do not force people to kick this way if it is effective and they can protect themselves and are balanced after techniques.

In the second round we worked on pushing the arm forward to help drive the weight from the hip and push all the power through the pads. You can see how much the kick has improved with sharpness and power once I emphasise pushing the arm forward.

Lastly lucky Eddie held the pads for a few kicks just so I could show the way I like to kick with the arm forward keeping the chin down and kicking high with good rotation throughout. Watch the video below.

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