• Richard Ormiston-Rees

Thailand Trip January 2017

I recently made a visit to Thailand and trained at two gyms during my stay, Kaewphitak in South Phuket and Lanta Muay Thai in the Island of Ko Lanta on the east of the Andaman sea. Training in Thailand normally follows a 4 hour training format with a morning session of pad and bag work between 8:00-10:00 and clinch work/sparring 16:00-18:00. Training twice a day is seriously demanding!

I also watched fights at Williams stadium in Ko Lanta and Thailand's biggest and oldest stadium in Bangkok, Rajadamnern.

Check out some of the photos and videos below and contact me to find out more about Muay Thai training.

Working a clinch takedown with a French fighter at Lanta Muay Thai

Lanta Muay Thai Academy

Clinch takedown

Working Clinch Knees to the Body

'Teep' or Front Kick to the Face

Pad work

Working Kicks

Rajadamnern, Bangkok

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