• Richard Ormiston-Rees

Client progress after fight in Thailand

Mike started training with me back in August 2019 after making a trip to Thailand and trying Muay Thai in Ao Nang. He initially didn't intend to do Muay Thai and only after having enough of drinking and smoking with friends did he part ways and spend the rest of his trip training for a month.

On his return he picked up my details via my website and we started to keep things going working on striking, clinching and sparring. He also started boxing and took part in a White Collar boxing fight for charity. After training with me until November Mike made his way back to Thailand to train for 6 weeks and fight full Thai rules over the Christmas break! He fought a tough Thai opponent who used leg kicks to unfortunately stop him in the 4th round. It takes a lot of determination and grit to take the step into the ring so I was really proud of his performance.

Mike is back training again and a short clip of some recent pad work is below. He is looking really strong and sharp and is preparing to go back to Thailand and fight again in April.

Another success story from Muay Thai Oxfordshire :)

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