• Richard Ormiston-Rees

Champions Collide 2 Coventry Fight Report

Coventry fight show, Champions Collide 2 took place on Saturday 19th November. The show had over 30 pull outs including 2 which affected our fighters and left the card with only 11 fights on the bill. Nevertheless we had Tommy Rubio stepping up for Oxford Martial Arts Academy for his first pro C class Muay Thai bout. This is a full contact rules fight with no shin guards. Competitors cannot knee or elbow to the head but can kick and punch. The fight was a real kicking war with both opponents scoring tit for tat and by the end Tommy fell on the wrong side of a split decision result which could have gone either way. In my opinion the last round really came down to his opponent scoring some big knees to the body which is seen very highly by the judges. Tommy pushed hard the whole fight and could have taken the decision on any other day. Great effort and sure he will be back to fight another day!

Check out the photos below to give you an idea of what full contact Muay Thai is about in the UK.

Warming Tommy up before the fight

Working the front leg 'Teep'

Tommy entering the ring

Real kicking war from the start

Tommy scoring big with the roundhouse

Teep kick to the face

End of round breather

Tommy throwing some big punches

Tommy after a take down

Big knees to the body which swayed the judges

End of the fight

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